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Healing Broken Trust In Your Marriage After Infidelity

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Jan 15, 2019

After an affair is discovered many people find it difficult to understand why the betrayal happened.  In Episode 63 Brad and Morgan discuss some of the challenges to healing.  They outline how shock and trauma affects the way understanding the affair is interpreted.  How the big why and little whys make a difference in...

Apr 10, 2018

Are you stuck in self-deception? The answer might surprise you.

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Aug 29, 2017

Pornography many times leads to infidelity. We discuss how porn can influence a person to be unfaithful and a few ways you can protect yourself and your marriage.

We have partnered with Covenant Eyes so if you are wanting a resource to keep porn out of your home this can...

Oct 25, 2016

How to Stop Fighting, or Avoiding, & Get Answers: Part Two of Negative Cycles (First Part is Episode 3) 

In this episode we talk about how to understand the best strategies for communication and connecting with your spouse after discovering infidelity in your marriage.

Often times we try to heal after betrayal with the...

Oct 4, 2016

In this episode Brad & Morgan talk about the difficulties of turning off feelings for the affair partner. 

Moving past the affair and getting rid of the feelings that you have for the affair partner can be a challenge many don't consider throughout the affair recovery process.

If you know someone who has gone through an...