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Healing Broken Trust In Your Marriage After Infidelity

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Oct 13, 2022

Brad and Morgan outline 20 things the unfaithful partner want the betrayed partner to know but don't know how to say it.  We can help you find your voice and that is the goal of this episode.  To help you find the words you've been looking for.  Listen to the very end because you'll have a chance to hear from other...

Sep 28, 2022

This episode is like a mini-letter to the unfaithful spouse.  Our goal is to help you articulate many of the things you might be feeling but can't seem to put your finger on.

Also, you may have heard about our workshops and master class programs…

You may be listening to this wondering why would we join the Healing...

Feb 14, 2022

Dan and Lynn are participants in the Healing Broken Trust program and they talk about their experience healing after infidelity.  A memorable moment in the conversation was when Lynn talked about how people comment on how others are noticing the changes in them.  Join the HBT program at

Jan 11, 2022

Missing this one thing could mean you stay stuck unable to repair the negative cycle.

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Dec 22, 2021

From feeling hopeless and defeated to a completely new and fresh take on the relationship.  Cody and Chaisley attended our healing broken trust workshop and now they have something to share with you about what they discovered.  Learn more at